Web Accessibility for Product Teams in 2025

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Web Accessibility for Product Teams in 2025

28 May, 17:00 - 17:30 (UTC) - Main Stage

Continuous Design
UXDX Community: Accessibility, AI UX, and Feature Sunsetting 2024

In a world driven by technology, ensuring inclusivity should be at the heart of every digital experience. This talk dives into the crucial realm of accessible design, exploring how UI/UX design principles intertwine with accessibility standards, cutting-edge technologies, and user psychology to create interfaces that truly work for everyone.

Unveiling the Power of Inclusivity:

- Embrace accessibility: We'll delve into the why and how of designing for users with disabilities, exploring guidelines like WCAG and showcasing impactful success stories.

- Technology as a bridge: We'll examine how assistive technologies, AI, and other advancements are revolutionizing accessibility in UI/UX.

- Think like a user, design for all: Discover how design thinking methodologies provide a user-centric approach to tackling accessibility challenges.

- Unlocking emotions through design: We'll explore the psychology of user experience, learning how design decisions can influence emotions and engagement.

- Ethics at the forefront: Let's discuss the ethical responsibility of designers to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, exploring real-world case studies.

Leave with Inspiration and Action: This talk will not only offer insights but also empower you with actionable steps to integrate accessibility into your design mindset. You'll walk away with a renewed understanding of the impact of inclusive design and the tools to champion it in your own work.

Gauri Thakur

Gauri Thakur, Senior UX Designer ,Betterworks