The "Deep Digital Divide" - Can Design Bridge it?


The "Deep Digital Divide" - Can Design Bridge it?

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In India alone, there are 300 million+ 2G (feature) phone users that are expected to move to smartphones over the next few years. We must recognise that hardware or costs are not the only barriers in helping these digitally (and in many cases, literally) illiterate users cross the deep divide between the digital-haves and digital-have-nots.

The role of designers and design in helping bridge this gap cannot be overstated, as they hold the key to building apps that can be consumed by even the most illiterate user. Will we need to come up with a whole new set of design systems, patterns, paradigms, and methodologies? What role does Voice UX play?

“Design for India” takes on a whole new meaning when you consider this set of the next 300+ million new internet users and set our sights on bridging the “Deep Digital Divide”.

Prathima Inolu

Prathima Inolu, Chief Designer & Executive Director,Divami Design Labs