Server-Driven UI at Priceline

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Server-Driven UI at Priceline

16 May, 3:55 pm - 4:30 pm (America/New_York) - Main Stage

16 May, 19:55 - 20:30 (UTC)

Enabling the Team

Discover the groundbreaking story of Server-Driven UI (SDUI) at Priceline: a tale of innovation, collaboration, and transformation. This session delves into in-depth technical and Design Challenges and will provide specific examples of challenges faced for the Priceline team in implementing server-driven UI and how they were overcome including;

  • Proof of Concept to Scalable Solutions: Highlighting the iterative nature of the process, from initial trials to scalable implementations, and the learning curve involved.
  • Organizational Transformation: Discuss the broader impact of SDUI on Priceline's culture and operational workflows, illustrating the transformative power of this initiative.
  • Future Roadmap: Insights into upcoming challenges and opportunities, and how Anthony and Aadi envision the evolution of SDUI in shaping Priceline's future.
Anthony Padronaggio

Anthony Padronaggio, Design Manager,Priceline

Aadi Deshpande

Aadi Deshpande, VP of Engineering,Priceline