Product Teams and AI


Product Teams and AI


Every product will contain some form of AI going forward. This poses two challenges for product teams: how to work with AI and how to work if there is AI.
How to work with AI
There is a big UI shift away from menus towards more prompt focussed applications. What are the new patterns that teams need to learn?
How to work if there is AI
Copilot is writing 40% of the code that people write. Generative UI apps are able to create Figma editable mockups from prompts. How will the roles within a team shift when AI’s can start taking on more of the work.

Marijke Jorritsma

Marijke Jorritsma, Design Manager and Lead User Experience Designer,NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

David Hoang

David Hoang, Head of Design,Replit

Chris Reardon

Chris Reardon, Head of Product Design, Responsible AI

Keyvan Azami

Keyvan Azami, Enterprise AI Engineering Lead,Google