Product Growth Through User Engagement, Partnerships & Monetization


Product Growth Through User Engagement, Partnerships & Monetization

Product Direction
UXDX Community: Testing and Scaling the User Journey 2023

Finding the right product-market fit is like baking a fantastic cake; creating an excellent growth flywheel is the chocolate ganache on top!

Growing a product with an existing audience, and then expanding that market to other user cohorts and geographies, or even creating a new product category altogether can entail a dovetail of different strategies. How do you navigate balancing user engagement and the need to monetize user value? How do you expand using the build, buy, partner approach? How do you tap into new areas of monetization by leveraging and solving existing user challenges.

This talk will focus on growth hacking a product through increasing user engagement (user volume on the platform), partnering with teams or companies with similar synergies (bringing new cross-sectional customers onto the platform) and creating monetization opportunities with existing customers.

Swapna Malekar

Swapna Malekar, Principal Product Lead,Microsoft