Organizational Design at LinkedIn


Organizational Design at LinkedIn

Continuous Design

LinkedIn has both centralized and embedded research teams, but it wasn’t always that way. Over the last 10 years, the team grew from 2 to 50 researchers. With that growth, LinkedIn UXR used organizational design to respond to strategic needs of both the Product & Engineering org and the UXR team, at several different inflection points.
Today, Kassie leads a centralized, horizontal UXR Practice team and Marieke joined last year and leads an embedded research team on one of LinkedIn’s business units. Marieke and Kassie will share their perspectives on why LinkedIn UXR chose a hybrid embedded and centralized org design, what’s working and not, what impact looks like in each, and how they see the structure of the organization evolving over time.

Marieke McCloskey

Marieke McCloskey, Director of UX Research

Kassie Chaney

Kassie Chaney, Director of User Research and Content Design