Motion for AI: Creating Empathy in Technology

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Motion for AI: Creating Empathy in Technology

Continuous Design

Discover the captivating synergy between motion design and AI interfaces in Pavithra's compelling talk at UXDX. As a seasoned product designer, Pavithra explores how motion breathes life into AI, enriching interactions with familiar and empathetic qualities. Drawing from her diverse background in animation, robotics, and design systems at Salesforce, she showcases the pivotal role of motion in fostering user engagement and trust. Through real-world case studies and actionable insights, Pavithra emphasizes the essential role of motion in creating behavioral nuances necessary for implementing AI with empathy while empowering teams to prioritize and scale motion design for enhanced user experiences. Join Pavithra on a journey through the evolution of motion in technology, and discover how it propels AI interfaces towards new standards of communication and user satisfaction.

Pavithra Ramamurthy

Pavithra Ramamurthy, Lead Product Designer,Salesforce

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