Making the Right Investment Decisions to Improve Developer Productivity

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Making the Right Investment Decisions to Improve Developer Productivity

11 Oct, 1:15 pm - 4:30 pm (Europe/Dublin)

11 Oct, 12:15 - 15:30 (UTC)

Continuous Delivery

This workshop provides a deep-dive into proven transformation methods to improve developer productivity in large and scaling organisations. Participants will learn effective practices to foster product thinking for internal platforms and technical products. They will learn how to design developer productivity research, derive actionable strategies, prioritise opportunities and achieve optimal problem-solution fit.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn to scope developer productivity research that yields actionable insights
  • Explore research methodologies to analyse complex problem spaces and lived experience of developers
  • Discover methods to develop platform and product strategies that truly meet developer needs
  • Learn the essentials of product thinking specifically tailored to internal platforms and technical products
  • Learn to establish effective feedback loops that promote continuous discovery
  • Explore how to define key success metrics to assess the impact of developer productivity investments
Max Griffiths

Max Griffiths, Head of Engineering Platforms - Europe,ThoughtWorks

Beatrice Kern

Beatrice Kern, Senior Product Manager,ThoughtWorks

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