Make user research agile


Make user research agile

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UXDX Community: APAC Online Series 2023

Qualitative research has been seen as high cost and take long time to delver value. That's why some organisations hesitate to establish a research team. In Vyond, we try to make research to be more Agile, how?

  1. **Build MVP culture **- We run pilot tests before an official test, we iterate research methods/plans from time to time. We believe research itself needs to be iterated as well.
  2. Prepare research toolkit in company- We define systematic research workflow and conduct research playbooks for all members in Vyond. We also keep tailoring research methods based on product nature and market trends continually. We enable research power to everyone in the company.
  3. Be creative and efficient in research solutions - We digitize research methods and explore new opportunities to know our users without geolocation barriers. We minimize uncertainties and save time and cost.
  4. Storytelling in research sharing: Since the company’s mission is to give everyone an availability to tell a good story. So we will also share how the research team visualizes the user's pain points and conduct an engaging sharing internally.
Danwen Wu

Danwen Wu, Design manager,Vyond