Make user research agile

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Make user research agile

09:30 - 10:00 (UTC) - Main Stage

Continuous Discovery
UXDX Community APAC Online Series 2023

Qualitative research has been seen as high cost and take long time to delver value. That's why some organisations hesitate to establish a research team. In Vyond, we try to make research to be more Agile, how?

  1. Build MVP culture- We run pilot test before an official test, we iterate research method/solution time to time. We believe research itself needs to be iterated as well
  2. Prepare research toolkit in company- by providing systematic workflow to run research, and keep tailoring research methods based on product and company nature. So that not only researchers can run research, we give people research power.
  3. Be creative and efficient in research solution - We digitalised research methods and chunk questions into smaller piece. so that we minimum uncertainties and save time and clost.
  4. more and more..
    We will also share the case study that how we apply the above methods when running research in our company, and how can this impact to product design :D
    Looking forward to hearing from you!