Improving UX Research Quality with Cross-Department Collaboration

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Improving UX Research Quality with Cross-Department Collaboration

Continuous Discovery

Kasey's talk focuses on the pivotal role of strategic collaboration in UX research, emphasizing the need for intra-company cooperation. She delves into the art of collaboration, not only within the UX team, but extending these efforts to other departments to demonstrate how such partnerships can significantly elevate research quality. Kasey shares her experience forming internal alliances with diverse teams in Genesys and McGraw-Hill – Legal, Data Privacy, Sales, Project Management, Development, and more. She will illustrate how aligning with different departmental goals can boost participant recruitment, strengthen customer relationships, and improve overall productivity. This talk offers practical guidance to identify and collaborate with similar allies in any organization and invaluable insights for companies looking to enhance their UX research through strategic internal collaboration, making this talk a must-watch for professionals aiming to optimize their UX strategies.

Kasey Canlas

Kasey Canlas, UX Research Operations Manager,Genesys