How to Shift to a Serverless Mindset

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Knowledge / Inspiration

How to Shift to a Serverless Mindset

13:35 - 14:00 (UTC) - Main Stage

Continuous Delivery

Serverless computing is more than just "someone else's server.” Correctly applied, it can speed up your time to market and reduce costs - but it requires a new way of thinking about software.
In this talk, David will share key learnings from his upcoming book, The Value Flywheel Effect with IT Revolution. During his tenure with Liberty Mutual, a Fortune 100 company, they shifted their mindset to stop building commodity products and learn to leverage the true potential of serverless.

1. How to identify what are good candidates for serverless
2. How to Wardley Map the future candidates
3. Identify the inertia stopping migration and how to deal with it
4. Tackling the skills and mindset gap
5. The wins