How to Perform Cloud Migration by Leveraging Apache ShardingSphere Database Mesh Capabilities


How to Perform Cloud Migration by Leveraging Apache ShardingSphere Database Mesh Capabilities

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UXDX Community: APAC Online Series 2022

ShardingSphere is an Open-Source ecosystem including a set of distributed database solutions, that provide “Flexible, Embeddable & Extensible” features for functions of data scale out, distributed transaction & governance, and data encryption.
Differently from NewSQL and other distributed databases, it's a lightweight database middleware solution providing Database Plus features thanks to its pluggable kernel.
Among its additional pluggable features are database instance management and Cloud Native data flow governance.
You will learn how to leverage ShardingSphere in a Cloud Native way, and preview its upcoming extension concept - database mesh.
Database mesh is the next generation of database cluster sharding and management, capable of handling east-west and south-north data flows.
Zhang Liang will demonstrate the best practices to leverage ShardingSphere in a Cloud Native way with Kubernetes, and share insights on the database mesh concept, development and challenges.

As a CNCF Landscape Non-Member Project, Apache ShardingSphere is a fully verified and successful Open-Source project with a track record of: over 14K GitStars, over 250 contributors and almost 5K forks on Github, as well as over 160 real use case scenarios. The project’s community strongly believes in cloud native solutions - and is investing significant resources in developing database mesh which is a brand-new architecture.
We hope more users will understand ShardingSphere’s advantages and leverage its ecosystem to move their application from traditional environments to Kubernetes. As the standard layer, adaptable to all SQLs dialects, it provides the features for Database Plus - a new layer between user applications and databases.
The team wishes to involve more databases to build the criterion and ecosystem together. Database mesh is a new concept utilizing sidecar to help apps isolate databases differently between cloud and local environments, and is the new way to adapt databases to be run on the cloud. We wish to share the new concept with the CNCF and broader Open-Source community so that developers can engage in ideas exchange and collaboration.

Trista Pan

Trista Pan, CTO,Sphere-Ex