How to measure and communicate the value of UX


How to measure and communicate the value of UX

Product Direction
UXDX Community: EMEA Series 2022

Understanding the core need to invest in design and driving CX initiatives is critical for any business to scale up. Globally, businesses like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung have set a benchmark with their consistent focus on Design as a practice. A CX strategy that gives clarity to all stakeholders on the vision, strategy, and goals can set the right direction and confidence to all stakeholders. My talk will have a clear focus on 4 outcomes for the audience:

  • How to understand the business, product profiles, and total addressable market.
  • How to create a solid case for investing in CX.
  • How to set the right CX strategy for cross-functional teams to work together with.
  • How to set SMART goals and measure the outcomes for the best CX ROI.
Haymkarran S Bhalla

Haymkarran S Bhalla, Design Head - Middle East,Lollypop design