How to Build an AI-Powered Product Development Process

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How to Build an AI-Powered Product Development Process

Continuous Discovery

Generative AI is changing how product teams operate. Anthony Maggio, Airtable's Head of Product, will show us how his team is using AI to transform every phase of product development—from interpreting user feedback at scale to improving strategic alignment. Over the past year at Airtable, AI has become a central part of our process for building new products by streamlining workflows, converting complex datasets into actionable insights, and accelerating product timelines from months to days.

  • Strategic Alignment: Learn how Airtable employs AI to prevent strategy drift, ensuring that product plans remain in lockstep with overarching business objectives, thus fast-tracking project alignment and execution.
  • Market-Responsive Product Strategies: How AI is enabling real-time adaptation to market changes and customer needs, transforming extensive data into actionable insights for quicker, more relevant product updates
  • AI-Enhanced Roadmapping: Understand how Airtable's AI-centric approach leads to well-prioritized, customer-focused roadmaps, transforming the digital product supply chain and reducing time to market
  • Key takeaways into Airtable's strategy for integrating AI in product management, establishing new benchmarks for operational efficiency and redefining our ways of working.
Anthony Maggio

Anthony Maggio, VP and Head of Product Management,Airtable