How the values can change your product story?


How the values can change your product story?

Product Direction
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In research and design activities for new products, values are still very often treated only as high-level assumptions. We are looking for functionality and innovation, but forgetting that using value as a tool can give the same products a completely different face.

Based on the example of a specific product, I would like to show you how we can research and determine the values for different groups, that allows to create completely new faces of the product for new users, without any major interference in its technical of functional aspects. By taking a step back and talking about researching general “promises” of services (not only needs and problems), we will see together how values can serve us as a design tool, supporting different teams in the company (strategy, marketing, design, customer service, etc.)

All the presented informations will be based on the experience of working on real products, along with showing a simple, author's method of organizing information - combining promises with values – which I'm using on a daily basic and would like to present to help others in creating new products/ working on the existing ones.

Agnieszka Zygmunt

Agnieszka Zygmunt, Lead UX Researcher,10Clouds