Driving Customer-Centric Transformation in Banking

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Driving Customer-Centric Transformation in Banking

Continuous Design

Join Sonali as she talks through the transformative journey of Chase's digital experience, which now empowers over 80 million users to manage their financial lives seamlessly. Sonali will share how their team are redefining the banking landscape by keeping the customer at the core of its operations. Sonali will explore the significance of a building a new culture rooted in experimentation and measurement, detailing the iterative processes that have enabled Chase to innovate its 150 year old brand responsively and efficiently. Attendees will gain insights into how Chase integrates product, technology, design, and data to deliver impactful solutions and fosters collaboration among diverse teams. Learn how Chase's commitment to modernizing tech stacks and expanding its design organization supports its mission to continually elevate customer experiences, ensuring that every small change translates into significant customer benefits.

Sonali Divilek

Sonali Divilek, Head of Digital,Chase