Building Design Systems that Work for Design and Dev

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Building Design Systems that Work for Design and Dev

Continuous Design

Join Parisa in this talk that delves into the art of setting up design systems that achieve developer buy-in and elevate the user experience (UX). This session focuses on the challenges faced by development teams working in silos on the same application and goes through tactics that help foster true collaboration for a cohesive outcome. Parisa will share insights from her experience in developing a new interface at Commvault, focusing on the process, challenges, and how they were overcome. Learn about how to reduce the learning curve for design best practices, identifying key workflows, and establishing standardized patterns. This talk is crucial for those aiming to bridge the gaps not only between design and development but also among teams working on different aspects of the same product suite.

Parisa Bazl

Parisa Bazl, Head of UX,Commvault Systems