Vilija Bic

Vilija Bic

Corporate Therapist


Vilija Bic, a corporate therapist at YoBusiness, enables employees to unlock their corporate selves to make them great team members and build great corporations. Vilija has moderated corporate therapy sessions in Russia, Israel, Greece, Spain and Nigeria, where she has worked with startups, a green energy lab, a royal academy, an Olympic athlete and market-leading education entities. Vilija has an MBA and a PhD in Management. In her workshops, she employs scientifically-proven and practically-tested questioning frameworks to guide her clients to find answers within and among themselves.

Upcoming Sessions

UXDX Europe 2020Thursday 8th October

10:00 - 12:00 (2 hours)

Corporate Self Therapy

Training - Personal Development

UXDX europe 2020

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