Mike Green is the host of 'Understanding Users - a UX podcast'. He is an award-nominated freelance user researcher and digital consultant based in the UK, who has extensive research experience working within agile service teams across government and the private sector throughout the full service design lifecycle. He has interviewed literally hundreds of research participants and product stakeholders in the course of his career to help product teams design and build better digital services that meet real user needs. He holds a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Bristol and has lived and worked in more than seven countries. On the Understanding Users podcast he chats candidly with UX professionals and digital teams around the world about their careers, the challenges they face in their work and how they build digital products and services with users in mind. He will be podcasting at UXDX EMEA 2022 and is keen to record short informal chats with conference attendees about their work and their reflections on the conference for future episodes.