Run a UXDX Community Event in your Area

Build your profile and grow the product development community in your area.

Years running
Community Events
Global tech audience
Countries attending

Benefits of being a Community Leader

Build your Profile

Get your name out there as a leader in your industry.

Grow Relationships across the Industry

Create relationships with speakers and other attendees at the events.

Develop your Event Experience

Learn what it takes to put together an event and add another string to your bow.

Key Responsibilities

Defining the Agenda

What are the trending topics that people would be interested in? Every event starts with the agenda.

Getting the right mix across Product, UX, Design and Dev can be tough but we have years of experience and will give you the support you need.

Sourcing Speakers

Read articles, search on LinkedIn, look at other meetups, promote the Apply to Speak and reach out to people that you think would be good.

We'll share templates that you can use to reach out to speakers.

Source a Venue

Hopefully your work has a venue. If not, do you have friends working in large companies nearby? It's always easiest with a contact.

We have contacts in large companies around the world. We'll work with you on sourcing a venue for the meetup.

Ready to get started?Apply today.