Measuring the Value of UX Research

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Measuring the Value of UX Research

Continuous Discovery

This forum dives into the critical topic of UX research (UXR) impact, exploring its value from both an industry-wide perspective and within individual companies and teams. Join UX researchers, designers, and decision-makers for a rich discussion on measuring and demonstrating UXR's effectiveness.

Discussion topics include:

  1. Metrics that Matter: How do you measure UXR's impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and design influence?
  2. Challenges & Strategies: What are the roadblocks to measuring UXR impact, and how can we overcome them?
  3. Beyond ROI: We'll explore UXR's value beyond just financial metrics.
Ella Fielding

Ella Fielding, Product Lead,Optimal Workshop

Alex Burke

Alex Burke, CEO,Optimal Workshop