The UX of Automated Processes

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The UX of Automated Processes

16 May, 10:20 am - 10:55 am (America/New_York) - Main Stage

16 May, 14:20 - 14:55 (UTC)

Continuous Discovery

As we are called upon to create more and more digital solutions where previously a user would engage with another person but now the response is automated, we run the risk of alienating our users and losing the reassurance of a 2-way interaction. In this talk, AJ will talk through his approach to the discovery phase when automating processes, to ensure the right balance is struck between efficiency of process and usability of our products. This practical guide will walk you through the common pitfalls simply automating your current process will create, as well as look at the obscure ways experience breaking friction points pop-up when creating this kind of product. Join us to learn how to enhance your product's user experience by making automation feel less robotic and more responsive to human needs

AJ King

AJ King, Senior User Experience Researcher,Ocado