Design for Tomorrow vs. Design for Today

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Design for Tomorrow vs. Design for Today

10 Oct, 1:55 pm - 2:30 pm (Europe/Dublin) - Discovery Stage

10 Oct, 12:55 - 13:30 (UTC)

Continuous Design

Should UX designers prioritise designing solutions for the ever-changing future (Design for Tomorrow) or focus on delivering practical solutions with immediate benefits (Design for Today)?

The Combatants:

  • Futurism Champion: A believer in using futurism to create innovative solutions that address long-term challenges.
  • Pragmatism Champion: An advocate for UX in creating practical solutions that deliver clear and measurable business benefits.

The Format:

  • Each participant will outline their core arguments for Design for Tomorrow or Design for Today
  • The debate will be divided into three rounds, each focusing on a key point of contention
    • Market Readiness: Can futuristic designs find a market, or are they destined to be before their time?
    • Practicality vs. Investment: Do the costs of deep futurism outweigh the potential benefits?
    • Agility vs. Vision: Can a long-term vision hinder an organization's ability to adapt to change?
  • Moderator Q&A: The moderator will pose questions to each debater, allowing them to delve deeper into their positions and address each other's arguments
  • Closing Statements: Each participant will summarize their key takeaways and offer a final perspective on the future of UX design
Jod Kaftan

Jod Kaftan, Head of Product Design & Research,ORACLE

Alex Burke

Alex Burke, CEO,Optimal Workshop

Pamela Mead

Pamela Mead, Global VP of Design,SumUp