The Many Faces Of A Product Designer


The Many Faces Of A Product Designer

Continuous Design

Join Ben, Chelsea, Vihar and Wenshu: all product designers for Shopify, as they talk through their learnings on how they've learned to demonstrate the true power that design can bring not only to your individual product teams but to the overall business as they touch on:

  • The importance of establishing good design practices and what design behaviours they recommend to unlearn;
  • Their approaches as a designers in setting up expectations, boundaries and limitations within their product teams;
  • How and when to choose what battles are worth it; and
  • What practices have their learned outside of design that has helped them work collaboratively with their peers
Benjamin George

Benjamin George, Staff Designer,Shopify

Chelsea Tan

Chelsea Tan, Product Designer,Shopify

Vihar Kothamasu

Vihar Kothamasu, Senior Product Designer,Shopify

Wenshu Kwek

Wenshu Kwek, Senior Product Designer,Shopify