The Impact of Research Beyond the Report

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The Impact of Research Beyond the Report

13:00 - 13:20 (UTC)

Continuous Discovery

As researchers, we're often asked to consider the impact of our work. When you think about impact, what comes to mind? Maybe you’re thinking about looking at how click-through-rate or conversion improved after a product launch, or measuring the sentiment of our customers to see if they’re happy with a product. You may even measure impact based on the number of projects you’ve worked on or features that have shipped. But what about all the intangible ways to measure impact — all the times that research impact might have felt more invisible, but you’re certain that it was there?

In this talk I’ll share on how to identify, measure, and improve the intangible impact that research has on your team. You will learn techniques on how to:

  • build authentic relationships with your team;
  • educate team members on the role/value of research; and
  • ensure that your research can live on beyond the report

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Wed, May 25, 5:50 PM UTC

Democratizing Research
Jessa Parette

Jessa Parette

Senior Director of Design Strategy, Research & Systems, Capital One

Erin Howard

Erin Howard

Senior Director, Experience Design, Charles River Laboratories

Kendall Avery

Kendall Avery

Lead Researcher, Rider Experience, Uber

Rima  Campbell

Rima Campbell

VP, Research Partner, UserZoom