Strategic AI Implementation in Engineering Teams

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Strategic AI Implementation in Engineering Teams

10 Oct, 4:25 pm - 5:00 pm (Europe/Dublin) - Vision Stage

10 Oct, 15:25 - 16:00 (UTC)

Continuous Delivery

Gain a fresh perspective on leveraging Artificial Intelligence within your teams to transform it from a challenging issue into a dynamic and essential tool. This talk will provide practical strategies for incorporating AI into your projects, managing expectations, and enhancing user interactions with a human-centric focus, urging attendees to recognize AI's potential as a versatile tool for diverse problem-solving beyond restrictive applications.
Key Higlights:

  • Practical AI Use Cases: Learn to identify where AI can genuinely enhance your product lifecycle. Gain guidance on selecting suitable AI applications that align with your team's goals and project demands.
  • Managing Expectations with AI: Understand how to set realistic business expectations around AI initiatives. The session will cover integrating probability-based outcomes into AI workflows, enabling more informed decision-making and expectation management.
  • Approach to AI: Gain insights into a leading tech giant's internal strategy for AI, emphasizing user value and process optimization. Discover how strategic approaches to AI can ensure its contributions are meaningful and impactful.

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