Scaling Right: Growing Impactful Product Teams after PMF

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Scaling Right: Growing Impactful Product Teams after PMF

10 Oct, 3:25 pm - 4:00 pm (Europe/Dublin) - Vision Stage

10 Oct, 14:25 - 15:00 (UTC)

Enabling the Team

As the newly appointed CPO of high-growth online therapy startup Unobravo, Matt will discuss the crucial strategies for establishing effective approaches that enable product teams to scale globally. This talk will explore the challenges faced by high-growth companies that achieved product/market fit but are hyper-focused on growth of both revenue, profitability and teams and the challenges that go with it. Matt will share his insights on steering the company forward, emphasizing the importance of avoiding legacy inefficiencies, the dangers of using process as a proxy,building on existing strengths, and creating a robust foundation for sustainable growth. Learn how Unobravo, a mission-led company, navigates the complexities of expanding into new markets and solving new user problems while maintaining product-market fit and profitability.
Key Points:

  • Essential Foundations for Scaling: Understanding the crucial processes and structures needed to support a growing product team.
  • **The importance of mindset: **How the best processes in the world will not create impact without the right mindset in the team
  • Building a High-Impact Team: Techniques for assembling and nurturing product teams with the right balance of experience and innovation.
  • Process as a Prompt, Not a Crutch: How to use agile methodologies and scrum processes to drive meaningful outcomes rather than just turning the handle on procedures.
  • Decision making as you scale: How to empower with the right guardrails
Matt Fenby-Taylor

Matt Fenby-Taylor, Chief Product Officer,Unobravo

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