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Design Sprints

Ideate, Validate and Design

This half day of training will give you a tangible intro on how to run your own Design Sprint in your team. Learn the proven methods for building award-winning products, better and faster than everybody else. The team at AJ&Smart, who work with Jake Knapp, the author of the book Sprint, are joining us from Berlin to teach you the methods you can bring back, use and apply immediately to improve the way you, your team and company works. This is not a PowerPoint fest on taking notes - it’s hands-on, it’s intense, it’s extremely practical and usable.
This Design Sprint training has been built with product managers in mind! But anybody involved in the creation of products or introduction of innovation processes in your company would benefit.
In this workshop you will learn:

  • Learn the exact tools to use to bring products to the market
  • Conceptualise, design and validate new products very fast, with very little waste
  • Understand how Design Sprints can solve specific problems and make a quick decision
  • Apply your learning immediately to real-life work situations
  • How to moderate a sprint
  • Tactics for integrating the Sprint into your company


Jonathan Courtney,  UX Director / Founding Partner,AJ&Smart

Brittni Bowering,  Product Strategist and Awareness Lead,AJ&Smart

Venla Hakunti,  Head of Training and Happiness,AJ&Smart

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