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Knowledge / Inspiration

Scaling UX Design

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community Ireland 2020

Building the first UX team in a global business is very exciting. But handling the resultant demand for the teams multidisciplinary skill set** **is challenging. I quickly realised that you cannot scale a team by hiring only. I needed to think differently. I needed to use Design Thinking to explore how might we share my teams resources with our primary users, software developers. We re envisioned how we share our design resources. This innovation lead to the creation of cutting edge technical solutions, enabling developers to access and use the design resources in their development environments. Learn how we at McKesson’s global UX design labs team used this strategy to invigorate our workflow and scale.
Key Takes:

  1. Design Thinking works, don’t be afraid to use it on yourself and your team.
  2. Make the most of your design resources such as Design Systems and UX Writing Style guides.
  3. Bring design resource to the users environment.
  4. Scale your UX Design team with design thinking.


Maébh Costello,  Director of UX Design Labs,McKesson

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