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Knowledge / Inspiration

How To Incorporate Lean UX Into Your Organisation

Enabling the Team

This workshop will talk you through implementing a Lean UX methodology on Projects within your organisation. Shruti will provide you with practical takeaways that you, as a designer, can put to use using immediately.
From design sprints to team collaboration on UX, this Lean UX Workshop will provide you and your design team the missing piece to work well with your agile development teams. Everyone on the team will be on the same page before diving into implementation, ensuring you’re building something your customers really want!
What you will learn:

  • Design Sprints: Identify assumptions about your users and their needs
  • Understanding constraints, business goals, and potential paths to success
  • Project visioning: How to achieve a shared goal with the user experience in mind
  • Creation of a business model/lean canvas: How to achieve outcomes by understanding your assumptions, risks, and initial tactics?
  • Story mapping: What does the full customer experience look like? How can you test whether your ideas improve that? What will you measure?
  • Converting assumptions into experiments with actionable metrics


Shruti KNR,  UX Specialist,UNICEF

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