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Knowledge / Inspiration

Unlearn Our Design Behaviours

Ideate, Validate and Design
UXDX Community Nordics 2021

From Tokyo to Stockholm, Paya has designed numerous e-commerce products that cater to global users. With every experience, she continues to learn about different methodologies, processes and workflows but one thing that has helped her throughout her career is her unique ability to understand user behaviour patterns that are unique to different markets.
In this talk, Paya will talk about her journey and how to focus on local users in order to deliver global product design. She will talk through:

  • The differences in each market she has encountered;
  • The various design methodologies that have worked for her and how she has adapted each to suit her products (i.e. how persona's no longer work, etc);
  • How to ensure consistency and efficiency in your product design while designing locally for global products; and finally
  • How you can implement this within in your own teams to better create global products


Paya Do,  Senior Product Designer, H&M Group

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