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Knowledge / Inspiration

Teaching Teams That Make Games A New Way To Play

Enabling the Team
UXDX Europe 2020

Nowadays, it seems like everyone says they "put their users first" and “user experience is everyone’s job” but, like “I should go to the gym”, there’s a chasm between intention and action. To create lasting change, you need to adjust a team’s behavior and reboot their mindset. The good news is that designing a new way of working is a lot like designing a product: just swap out your end users and swap in your team members.
Chris Grant from King has spent the last 5 years leading a "player-centered" revolution at King. In this talk, he'll give practical examples of how he's used his UX and Product toolbox with internal “team users” to motivate them to design, test and work as cross-functional teams united by player-centric goals.

  • How to drive change in your teams
  • What to do when it doesn't always work


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