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Knowledge / Inspiration

Bridging the Gap to Ensure Business Alignment Between Product and Dev

UXDX Europe 2020

Shifting from a requirements to outcomes approach is a difficult task. Equally how do you get developers to own the experience?
The role of a product manager isn’t to dictate the requirements but often the product manager is the person to decide. How do you encourage developers to take more ownership of the outcomes and not wait for requirements. How can developers be more involved in discovery and shaping the product?
Moderated by Sudev Balakrishnan, CPO for Stash, join the conversation, share your insights and probe the speakers on the elements of their talks that left you wanting more.

Flavia Neves, VP of ProductFREENOW
Cian Mac Mahon, Tech LeadHubSpot
Mihaela Draghici, Product ManagerVolkswagen Digital Solutions
Sudev Balakrishnan, Chief Product OfficerStash

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