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Knowledge / Inspiration

Formative Research Sprints To Adapt Products To The New World

Continuous Research
UXDX Community Bengaluru 2021

LinkedIn Events was released as a platform to allow businesses to live stream events. However with the sudden change of event requirements for 2020, the team in LinkedIn had to quickly learn how to pivot and adapt LinkedIn Events to the needs of their users and the new environment of virtual events.
Using the re-release of LinkedIn Events as the base of her story, Anshul will go through her best practices when conducting Formative Testing when trying to understand the needs of her users. She will touch on how she:

  • Recruits participants
  • Designs the questions
  • Executes the Interviews
  • Interprets the insights gathered, and
  • Any future plans she has to improve the process


Anshul Agarwal,  Senior User Experience Researcher, LinkedIn

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