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Knowledge / Inspiration

How To Drive Data Driven Change In A Legacy Organization

12:00 AM - 12:25 AM (UTC)

Continuous Research

LexisNexis was a pioneer in digitization of legal and journalistic documents, but it has not been a very data-driven organization. In this presentation I discuss how the Product Analytics team is pushing data-driven change in our organization. Being a legacy company, most product decisions were made based on the product owners’ experience or sales' understanding of what our customers want. Now we are taking a more evidence-based approach. I am going to share my experience of how we collaborate with the User Experience team to create customer centric product enhancements. This talk will give you an idea on how to understand the “What” and “Why” of customer problems and come up with solutions based on behavioral analytics and user experience data. Along with the success story this presentation will also highlight the constraints, intermediate failures, and lessons learnt.


Subhasree Chatterjee,  Lead Data Analyst’,LexisNexis

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