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Knowledge / Inspiration

Creating a Collaborative Team Culture

03:10 PM - 03:40 PM (UTC) - Main Stage

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community Europe East 2021

In this interactive session, we ask the question, can both culture and process be intertwined to increase collaboration in teams?
Our speakers will talk through the different processes they have established within their own businesses that created a collaborative culture within their product teams. Learn what works best for Alina and Piotr including:

  • Documentation and language alignment
  • Finding the right tools


Alina Magowska,  Head of UX Research and UX Analytics, Allegro

Piotr Nalepa,  Frontend Engineer, OLX Group

Got a Question?

Tue, Apr 13, 6:00 PM UTC

UX Maturity: Research and Analytics to drive an impact

Alina Magowska

Head of UX Research and UX Analytics, Allegro