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Knowledge / Inspiration

How To Leverage User-Centered Design With Agile Methodology

12:00 AM - 12:25 AM (UTC)

Continuous Research

How do you continually push an organization's products forward? The key to user experience is understanding your audience and stepping into your user's shoes. However, keeping the user's needs in mind while continually balancing them with business goals and technical constraints requires a deliberate mindset focused on achieving positive outcomes. In this session, discover how user-centered design and agile can work together using a specific way to organize user research that can minimize rework.
Join Marc Majers, author of the new book Make Your Customers Dance, to discuss techniques that can be applied to your product today that will make a big impact on team productivity.


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Thu, Jun 17, 6:25 PM UTC

Creating a Continuous Learning Culture

Marc Majers

UX Lead, Progressive Insurance

Ryan Leffel

Head of Design, Priceline

Subhasree Chatterjee

Lead Data Analyst’, LexisNexis

Jennifer Cardello

VP of UX Research, Fidelity Investments