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Launching A Cultural Phenomenon: The Next Phase For Niantic Post Pokomon Go

UXDX Europe 2018

Phil’s is known for being CTO & founder of Niantic Inc, creator of Google Earth & Pokemon GO, and his contributions to Gmail, Google Maps & Street View.

Before Niantic, Phil co-founded Keyhole, and led the development of Earthviewer which when acquired by Google in 2004, became Google Earth. Niantic was formed as a project within Google, but it went out on its own & became a startup in 2015.

They’re objective is to use emerging technologies to enrich human experiences in the physical world. Pokemon GO is the company’s biggest success to date.

The augmented reality game is one of the most successful mobile-gaming apps to date as it grows closer to 1 billion downloads and over $1.2 billion in revenue.

But Niantic has no intention of slowing down, late last year, they secured $200 million in funding and announced a Harry Potter augmented reality game which is expected to release later this year. It is currently under active development and we may even have audio integrated into the A.R. experience.


Phil Keslin,  CTO & Founder,Niantic Inc

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