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Knowledge / Inspiration

Iterating Towards Success

07:10 PM - 07:40 PM (UTC) - Main Stage


Many organizations assume they know what customers need up front. But how do you convince your organization to move towards an experimentation and iteration mindset at an individual, team and organization level?
In this session, our leaders will discuss the hard lessons and provide some insights into how they overcome these challenges to become successful leaders that build more user-focused products.


Yael Gutman,  Senior Director, Digital Products,ASCAP

Erica Jorgensen,  Senior Content Designer, Microsoft

Guppy Ahluwalia,  Senior Design Program Manager, Dropbox

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Thu, Jun 17, 12:00 AM UTC

Conducting objective research - Mitigating your hidden biases

Yael Gutman

Senior Director, Digital Products, ASCAP