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Experts at Scale: Solving Problems with Process, Professionalism, and Politics

Continuous Research

Kevin, Manager of UX Research, and Brandi, UX Research Program Manager at LinkedIn, have been solving problems of scale for the past two years. By identifying why problems exist, understanding the dynamics within the organization, and ultimately developing a series of toolkits to enable faster research across all areas of the organization, they have been able to create sustainable, rapid programs of research. Their programs include enabling Designers to run research sessions with employees, conducting 3 weeks of back to back research with full stakeholder engagement, and collecting quantitative usability stats. They will offer examples from their journey to create a systematic research flow enabled by clear process and templates, which helped designers and product managers gather quick feedback, as well as gave Design a seat at the “numbers table.”
In this talk, Kevin and Brandi will talk through:

  • Scaling research at LinkedIn and how they built programmatic research approaches
  • How the introduction of templates enabled better stakeholder buy-in
  • Evangelizing UX across the organization to enable other teams like talent acquisition to participate in research and amplify their voice earlier in the development of a LinkedIn product they use every day
  • How they created a streamlined process that enables qualitative researchers to produce valid and reliable quantitative output


Kevin Newton,  Manager UX Research, LinkedIn

Brandi Amm,  UX Research Program Manager, LinkedIn

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