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Knowledge / Inspiration

UX Maturity: Research and Analytics to drive an impact

06:00 PM - 06:25 PM (UTC)

Continuous Research
UXDX Community Europe East 2021

As the largest marketplace in the region, Allegro is one of Poland's most distinguishable brands. With millions of users, how did Allegro establish a strong foothold in the region against the marketplace giants?
In this session, learn how Alina and her team use data and analytics to create a UX strategy that allows their business to scale and grow in such a competitive market. She will touch on:

  • How a localised approach to UX has created loyal users
  • How to embed UX in your product development
  • How to take change as an opportunity for improvements for the team


Alina Magowska,  Head of UX Research and UX Analytics, Allegro

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Wed, Apr 14, 3:10 PM UTC

Creating a Collaborative Team Culture

Alina Magowska

Head of UX Research and UX Analytics, Allegro

Piotr Nalepa

Frontend Engineer, OLX Group