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Knowledge / Inspiration

Building a Unified Team In Unprecedented Times

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community Barcelona 2020

In this talk, Kax Uson will talk through how she encouraged her team to be involved in business decisions, how to create equal distributions of responsibilities to avoid bottlenecks in development processes.
And really, how Kax worked with the team to get the engineers to be involved in solutions discovery and even managing stakeholders.
Kax will talk through:

  • The problems that pushed her and the team to create cross-functional responsibilities;
  • How changes in the business affected her decisions in creating and establishing this team structure with the the other leads of the team;
  • The management buy-in (or not);
  • What worked, what didn't, and any tips she and the team have learned throughout journey;

Kax Uson, Product Lead - TrustAdevinta

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