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Knowledge / Inspiration

Kessel Run: A Digital Transformation Story Within The World's Largest Bureaucracy

UXDX Europe 2018

There are few enterprises in the world that might find it tougher to become Agile and build software rapidly than a large Government organisation such as the US Air Force. But that's exactly the challenge Adam is solving through the Kessel Run project. Adam and the team are currently averaging about four months (124 days) to get a technology product from an idea on a whiteboard to operational - a task that normally would take 8 years. In his inspiring talk, Adam will talk us through his approach to becoming agile including; The problem and complexity of becoming Agile in a government Waterfall environment  Dealing with constraints; Understanding that not everybody will (or wants to) get onboard with becoming Agile - how to get around it. The structure and approach taken: Successes and lessons to date.