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Knowledge / Inspiration

Being A Successful Product Team Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Ideate, Validate and Design
UXDX Community Netherlands 2020

Product teams come in all shapes and forms. Ensuring their success is a difficult exercise that can’t be simplified to a few action points and guardrails.
In this talk, we’ll dive in the WeTransfer organization, understanding where it comes from and where it is now.
We’ll then examine one of its successful teams, through a case study.
We’ll cover how the cross-functional product team Collect, delivers value through transparency and trust at WeTransfer. We’ll go through tools, communication channels and rituals that made it what it is today.
Finally, since teams don’t exist in a vacuum, we’ll talk about the relationship between the team and the organization at large. What are the dynamics in place, and how they influence each other.


Saga Lundqvist,  Senior Product Designer,WeTransfer

Boris Emorine,  IOS Developer,WeTransfer

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