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Impact Mapping: Collaborative Strategic Planning

Ideate, Validate and Design

Impact Mapping is an agile strategic planning technique that helps teams and organisations connect their potential software deliverables to business goals, by explicitly surfacing assumptions about the impacts those deliverables will have on customers and other stakeholders.
This introductory session explains the structure of an Impact Map and gives you the opportunity to practice collaboratively analysing the relationships between goals, customers and deliverables in a dynamic and visual way.
Topics covered include:

  • The Structure of an Impact Map
  • When you should and should not use Impact Mapping
  • Reconstruct a sample map
  • Using the map to collaboratively explore design & delivery options
  • Tips for naming the elements on your map
    Are you curious, but not sure if this is right for you? Take a look at these two short videos for a great introduction to the topic.
    A short description of why Impact Mapping is helpful, by the author of the book, Gojko Adzic (2 minutes):
    A very nice animated overview of Impact Mapping by agile coach Chris Downey (6 minutes):