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How To Build A Design Process That Ensures Success In Development

Ideate, Validate and Design

Designers are often frustrated that the end product is nothing like the intended design. As the product development continuously becomes more complex, communication between designers and developers has become more strained, which leads to friction, a poor design execution and severe product delays. The team at Netguru set out to identify what makes an effective design handover that can enable designers to empower developers to build great digital products in line with the brief.
Netguru will share a practical outline of how to build a well-functioning, enduring design process. This workshop is not about tooling; it’s about how to implement a more systematic approach to improving your design process and set up a shared language that can be understood, accepted and evolved within the company to produce visual output that renders designer’s intent.
Everyone in the product team could benefit from this workshop, but particularly visual and interaction designers and UX practitioners.
What you will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of the communication challenges between designers and developers
  • Best practices for accelerating product design
  • How to build a shared language within your organisation
  • Moving your design process from thinking in singularity to connected systems
  • How to strike a balance between re usability, consistency, and creative expression of the brand
  • Identifying problem patterns early in the design process


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