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Knowledge / Inspiration

The Line Between Us is Not a Divider

09:00 AM - 09:30 AM (UTC)

Product Vision

The difference in perspective, skill set and experiences of Product Managers and UX Designers help us to build better products. The overlap in our roles should bring us together but often tend to divide us. How do we develop empathy and understanding to build stronger, healthier relationships? How do we lean into constructive dialogue and come out with shared understanding and alignment?


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Thu, Mar 04, 4:40 AM UTC

A Compelling Product Vision Through Insight Development 

Timo Hilhorst

Head of Product, Seek

Anthea Blanas

Customer Experience Design Lead, Westpac

Audrey Cheng

CPO, Snapcomms

Dean McEvoy

Startup Investor, Technology Advisor & Founder