Product Prioritization Framework (RICE Model) for 1,000+ Team Members

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Product Prioritization Framework (RICE Model) for 1,000+ Team Members

10 Oct, 11:25 am - 12:00 pm (Europe/Dublin) - Vision Stage

10 Oct, 10:25 - 11:00 (UTC)

Enabling the Team

Explore a transformative journey of strategic prioritization within expansive product teams, transitioning from traditional methods to a value-driven approach across 22 teams involving over a thousand members. Learn about the redefinition of operating models, integrating tailored prioritization frameworks like the RICE model to foster transparency and streamline project delivery. Attendees will gain actionable insights on optimizing prioritization to drive efficiency and alignment in large-scale product environments.

Key takeaways:

  • Implementing prioritization models like RICE to adapt to large-scale operations and diverse team dynamics.
  • Increasing project visibility and accountability, enabling clearer communication and expectation management across departments.
  • Exploring methods for assessing project value that align with business goals, ensuring that every initiative contributes optimally to the overall strategy.
  • Navigating challenges in large teams: Understand the specific challenges faced when changing prioritization methodologies in large teams and how to overcome them to maintain momentum and team cohesion