Many Faces of Data: How To Begin With UX Success Metrics?


Many Faces of Data: How To Begin With UX Success Metrics?

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Have you ever been to a product meeting negotiating to track the success of your undertaking, when the executive team enthusiastically suggested to just give this task to someone else, more familiar with numbers? Or on the contrary, are you expected to build dashboards for every interaction, but you just don't know where to begin?

Bring on your space suits, we are going to do some exploration. UX designers are famous for wearing many hats - we can be artists, business consultants, workshop facilitators, researchers, etc. The hat of the UX data analyst sits just as well. More importantly, tracking the success metrics of your product can be easy and fun with just... some guidance.

So, come and learn how to begin implementing success metrics for your product (no matter where in your product lifecycle you are), how to speak the language of your stakeholders when talking analytics and how to see past the many faces of data, when interpreting your results. Buckle up, we have a lot of fun exploring to do!

  • You will discover the dynamic nature of data and how to navigate it to your advantage.
  • You will learn how to best pick and choose the relevant UX metrics for your design product.
  • You will be equipped with a step by step guide on how to start UX analytics practices in your team/company and become the go-to person (if you like).
Justyna Belkevic

Justyna Belkevic, Senior UX Researcher,GSK