Leveling up in Product: Skills to Thrive in Different Product Roles

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Leveling up in Product: Skills to Thrive in Different Product Roles

12 Oct, 9:15 am - 12:30 pm (Europe/Dublin)

12 Oct, 08:15 - 11:30 (UTC)

Enabling the Team

The past few years have been challenging for the tech industry in more ways than one, however, one thing has stood out, companies with great products have continued to grow and experience continued success thanks to their customer mindset and product-led culture. As a result there is increased interest and opportunity for hiring in product roles, however, there is also a lot of confusion and curiosity on what product roles actually are out there, how they differ from each other and work together, as well as what it takes to land one and continue to progress your career in them.

Breaking into product can be difficult and daunting. Starting from the huge demand for very limited associate product manager (APM) graduate programs at companies, job requirements for a senior product marketing manager to how do you become head of product at a company and what skills or experience you need to break into product, there are so many questions floating around in the digital world. Understanding different product roles, skills required and career paths available for each of them in product development teams becomes a very important asset as you navigate your product career.

During this session we will:
- Explore and understand the wide world of product roles, from product manager to product designer and product marketing manager
- Identify skills you need and already have to succeed in the different product roles
- Acknowledge there is no magic formula and organizations have different names and requirements for these roles, as well as career progression ladders
- Realize the majority of skills for a good product career are transferable and change is the only constant when you work in product.

All of this will be done in a creative, product focused way to get you really immersed in the experience before our interactive discussion segment.
Are you ready to level up in product?

Alex Radu

Alex Radu, VP Product Adoption & Marketing, Public Cloud,JPMorgan Chase